portrait_image Hello! I am an (artificial) intelligence researcher at Fujitsu Research of America where I work in the self-improving team. My principal interests lie in bridging the gap between the performance of current deep learning systems and the abilities and behaviours shown by biological systems, in particular in improving the ability to learn continually and rapidly from small amounts of data. Currently I am exploring whether these behaviours can be achieved by combining foundation models and self-improving systems, and if they cannot, to discover and understand the limitations of these approaches.

Previously I was a postdoctoral researcher with Xavier Boix and Pawan Sinha in the Brain & Cognitive Sciences department of MIT where I worked on compositionality, distribution shift and interpretability. I completed my PhD working in the Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour at the University of Edinburgh where I was supervised by Dr. Taku Komura. During my studies I worked on rapid adaptation of neural networks under changing distributions and applications of this in deep learning for computer graphics. Prior to this I completed an MSc in AI an the University of Edinburgh and a BSc in Mathematics at Imperial College London.

You can contact me at any of the social links on the sidebar or email me at ianxmasonsite at gmail dot com.