Finishing the PhD

My official date to submit a thesis is January 2022, so my main focus right now is finishing up.

Polishing the Lastest Publications

I’ve just finished two papers, on source-free domain adaptation and unit-level surprise (if you are interested in these directions I’d love to hear from you). Right now there remains a little polish to add and some loose ends to tie up: code refactoring, creating final versions, etc.


I have begun working my way through Surfing Uncertainty which I hope will lay out predictive processing through a philosophy of mind/cognitive science lens. I’m looking forward to reading the whole thing, but there is a pretty detailed summary here for those that prefer.

What is this page? The now page is a place to let people know what I am focusing my time on right now. That is, a combination of my current main work and personal projects. The Now Page.

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