My main research investigates how we can build deep learning models that improve the training & inference procedures for other deep learning models. By using such systems recursively we are aiming to build models that are capable of improving themselves. I am keen to hear from others working in this area to exchange ideas on how models can learn to improve their own capabilities (reach me at: ianxmasonsite at gmail dot com // imason at fujitsu dot com).

Big Models

There has been a lot of excitement recently around very large “foundation models” and I am spending some of my time exploring what these systems are capable of. Fundamentally I am interested in understanding if scaling and integrating models is sufficient to achieve intelligent behaviour or if there are key aspects we are missing (which would in turn open up exciting new research directions).

Exploring the Bay Area

Having arrived in California in August ‘23 I am enjoying setting up camp and exploring what the area has to offer.

What is this page? The now page is a place to let people know what I am focusing my time on right now. That is, a combination of my current focus at work and in personal projects. The Now Page.

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